What We Believe

Holy Bible

The Holy Bible , and only the 1611 Holy Bible, is the authoritative Word of God.  It alone is the final authority in determining all doctrinal truths.  In its original writing, it is inspired, infallible and inerrant (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Proverbs 30:5; Romans 16:25-26).


We teach that Jesus is not only the Son of God, but he is the very God from the beginning.  He is the only God we have ever known.  We have neither seen nor heard the Father at any time.  Jesus was called Yahweh, Jehovah, God Almighty, and I AM in the Old Testament, just to name a few.(John3:16, John 5:37, 39; John 17:1-5; Exod.6:3; Exod.3:14, Eph. 3:9; Phil.2:5-11; 1 Cor. 10:1-4)


We believe that Jesus is the God of Israel and to all people that keep his commandments.  His house shall be a house of prayer for all people (Ps. 111:10, Isa. 56.7, Mark 11:15-18)


We believe and teach that the Saints who will make it into the Kingdom of Heaven and reign with Christ will include Israel and a mixed multitude which no man could number from all nations, kindred, people, and tongues. (Rev. 7:4,9)

Whole Duty of Man

We teach that you must show your love to God by fearing him and keeping his laws, statutes, and commandments. ( Deut. 6:24-25; Eccl. 12:13; 1 John 5:1-3)


We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ; His death, burial, and resurrection.  Salvation is a gift from God, not a result of our good works or of any human efforts.  Salvation is only obtain when Jesus Christ returns to reign for 1,000 years (Ephesians 2:8-9; Galatians 2:16, 3:8; Titus 3:5; Romans 10:9-10; Acts 16:31; Hebrews 9:22; Matthew 24:13, 30-31; Rev. 20:4,6)


God created marriage. It is a covenant made between a man and a woman that makes them One.  We do not support any relationships or alternative life styles which go against the commandments set forth by God (Gen 2: 22, 24; Matt 19: 5-6; Lev. 20:10-22; Rom. 1:24-32).

Baptism in Water

The ordinance of baptism by burial with Christ should be observed (as commanded in the Scriptures) by all that have repented of their sins and in their hearts have believed on Christ as their Savior and Lord.  They must be baptized in the name of Jesus only.  They must also be taught the Word of God by a preacher sent by God.  In doing so, they declare to the world that they have died with Christ and that they have also been released to walk with Him in newness of life. (Acts.2:38; Matt. 28:19; Rom. 6:4; Romans 10:13-17).

Feast of the Lord

We observe the Lord’s 7th day Sabbath(Saturday), Passover, 1st and 7th Unleavened Bread convocations, Pentecost, Memorial blowing of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, 1st day of Tabernacles, and the 8th day feast. (Leviticus 23rd chapter)

Dietary Law

We follow the Lord’s Dietary Law. (Leviticus 11th chapter)

Royal Law

We teach and observe the Royal Law, which is the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 20:1-17)


We believe and teach that the Godhead consist of two beings, the Father and the Son (Jesus).  They existed before anything we know was created and by them all things were made which we do know. (Col. 3:1-3,15-17; Rom.1:7; John 17:1-5; Gen. 1:1, 26; John 1:1-3; Rev. 19:11-16)

First Fruit and Freewill offering

We teach that all believers being taught the Word of God through our ministry should give the first fruit from the increase of their substance. Giving with a cheerful heart not grudgingly or of necessity.  Three times a year the males are to come before the Lord on the feast appointed and give as they are able. (Prov. 3:9-10; Deut. 16:16-17; 2 Cor. 9:7-8; Luke 10:6-8)

Speaking in Tongues

We teach and believe that Tongues are the languages and speeches of the various nations upon the Earth.  We also believe that there is a Heavenly tongue given by God through the Holy Spirit which is only profitable to the individual.  If there are tongues spoken in the church, there must be two to three interpreters.  In this church it is better to prophesy so all may be edified, than to speak in unknown Tongues. (1 Cor. 14)

Holy Spirit

We believe and teach that the Holy Spirit comes in many forms.  1) The power from God  2) The air we breath  

3) The Word of God  4) The Angel Gabriel [ Exod 14:19-20; Isa. 63:8-11; Luke 1:19; 2 Sam. 23:2-3; John 16:13; Acts 8:26-29; Job 27:1-4; Gen. 2:7; Eph. 1:13; Ex. 31:3; Luke 4:18-19; Luke 3:22]


We believe that God requires us to do things decently and in order.  Women should not speak or teach before the congregation.  If a woman has a question about the Bible and she is married, then she must ask her husband first. If she is not married then she can ask an elder or the Pastor.  The head of woman is the man, the head of man is Jesus, and the head of Jesus is God. (1 Cor. 14:34-35, 40/ 1 Cor.11:2-3/ 1 Tim. 2:11-12/ Num. 27:16)

Church Service

We believe that in the House of God or where ever saints are found praying and prophesying, men should have their head uncovered ( not wear a hat) and women should have their head covered ( wear a scarf or hat).  

(1 Cor. 11:4-9/ 1 Cor. 14:34-35/ Lev. 19:30)